Yoga and meditation share a very close relationship. A lot of people can’t even tell the differences between the two. “Yoga” is a comprehensive word derived from Sanskrit, which basically means union– the association between the individual soul and the god.

Whatever leads to this union can be called yoga. “Meditation” is essentially a quality which can be achieved once your body and emotions are aligned in a way to control your brain. So in simpler terms, Yoga means connection and meditation is a process to get that connection. If one is meditating, one is doing yoga. 


Those who do not understand the reason for association between the individual and the god may take yoga as physical exercise and meditation as mental exercise. Yoga when compared to other forms of exercises such as games, gymnastics, athletics, aerobics etc has many advantages. 

Yoga, if practiced correctly and regularly, proves the best in prevention of disorders and ailments and maintenance of health. On the other hand meditation calms you, whenever you feel impassioned or unstable and makes you feel happy from inside and thus focused to work. So it is completely an individual’s choice to choose between the two, ultimately both will benefit you in one or the other way.

However, due to modern day’s fast paced lifestyle, it is becoming increasingly hard to yoga or meditation. But it is advisable that everyone should take out atleast 15 minutes from their hectic schedule for one’sfitness and mental well-being.

These 15 minutes, if spent effectively will give you the best output. For this you may try pranayama like Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom and asana like suryanamskar asana. This routine has numerous benefits for the intestine, stomach,heart, liver, chest, throat, legs. Thus it is highly recommended by all yoga experts. Besides this routine, a coffee mug in your office could be replaced by 5 minute meditation which centers the mind and jolts you awake with more lasting energy.

Do Yoga and Mediation regularly and make your body fit and strong.

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